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Cacti is a leading provider of multimedia recording solutions for contact centers. Cacti is committed to the development innovative business-driven selective and continuous multimedia recording and analysis reporting software that enables companies to enhance their customer interactions across multiple communications media.

Principles and Goals

Cacti is striving to become the leading supplier of contact center products, services, and solutions, while meeting the requirements of any enterprise environment. This involves contiuned development to meet the growing demands of the contact center, while focusing on the IT technology shifts. Cacti gives our customers access to core expertise and innovative solutions that are not limited on proprietary hardware. This allows Cacti the ability to continuously add innovative products that pioneer the technologies of the future and protects your investment.

Beyond the technical excellence of our products, we endeavor to serve as examples and leaders in all dimensions of the quality assurance sector. Many of today's Fortune 500 companies and our competitors recognize the many advantages of our state-of-the-art technology and are embracing our approach.

For us, our customers' requests and feedback have fueled our growth and development efforts. The customer is an integral part of our product solutions and our continued innovations. For this reason, we are constantly investing in our research and development and partnering when necessary to provide you solutions that will continually benefit your organization's individual needs.


Cacti innovations provide the broadest set of quality monitoring functionality in the marketplace today, while providing a completely open architecture solution that brings forth seamless integration, flexibility and continuous protection of your investment. Many Fortune 500 companies have embraced Cacti's innovations and eliminated the old voice loggers of the past.


Cacti's software is designed to enable companies to optimize their customer satisfaction, training, validation of information and overall quality assurance environment. As a result, the company believes its customers are able to generate additional revenue opportunities, improve profitability, enhance customer retention and achieve greater customer intimacy.
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