Our Customers

Contact Center

The new era of Quality Assurance recognizes that all customer contact is mission critical (email, telephone, fax, web chat, etc.). Customer contact has been redefined as the "Total Customer Experience”. As a result, organizations are attaining detailed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data; providing the ability to lower contact center cost, delivering new services, generation revenue, and most importantly, solidifying customer relationships.

Cacti's approach to CRM support is unique. By putting a new face on quality assurance, we've expanded the purpose beyond the traditional CSR evaluation process. By recording voice and data then evaluating and tracking the quality of the customer's experience, companies can maximize data mining efforts. Cacti completes the process by allowing a company to evaluate how successful they are in responding to this information, in addition to monitoring the success of their customer service organization.

Financial Services

Primarily, Financial or Trade Centers are concerned with cash or credit, investing and retirement. However, Cacti solutions focus primarily on quality assurance, allowing you to focus on the business at hand. Our products reinforce quality assurance and enable you to meet the dynamics experienced within the financial marketplace today. Our focus is to protect your company's assets by verifying transactions, providing risk management, ensuring compliancy, solving disputes and by preventing liability posed by lost or misinterpreted voice or data communications. Also, Cacti’s solutions help financial institutions met federal regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, GLBA, and SEC.

Insurance Services

The business requirements for insurance Contact Centers have drastically shifted over the years. Customer satisfaction is pivotal within this very competitive marketplace. Insurance industry requirements for recording center around new HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley regulations, validation of information, protection, and the need to continually monitor the performance of the Contact Center.

Retail Services

Retail Contact Centers must focus on technologies that maximize the efficiency of Contact Centers, while improving their revenue generating capabilities. Customers are demanding access to retail Contact Centers through various media and your organization will need to be prepared to measure the results. You must quickly adapt to new trends within the marketplace, while focusing on Quality Assurance.

Emergency Services

The importance of reliable communications is essential for Public Safety and E911 organizations around the world. Emergency organizations are faced with critical situations that may affect life and death outcomes. Coupled with the need to record, emergency Contact Centers are now being faced with the challenges of quickly accessing quality assurance of their operations. Cacti solutions will meet your new requirements and give you the ability to report performance and identify areas for improvement.