WordScan enables customers to extract specific words or phrases from recorded voice transactions. Customers can search based on any specified word such as “customer number,” “sell” or any chosen phrase. WordScan can be real-time or historical. Key words or phrases can be tagged and the specified recording can be sent automatically to supervisors or management. WordScan speech recognition technology converts recorded conversations into text, which can then be searched and analyzed to uncover valuable business intelligence for trending and other purposes.

Unlike other speech recognition and data mining technologies available today, WordScan phonetic search engine is an open-system vocabulary retrieval system. WordScan’s advanced capabilities provide multiple search criteria and trending features against large collections of recordings. WordScan also comes with intelligent sequenced retrieval of recordings, allowing organizations to determine the date and time for scanning recordings. Recording content is tagged/indexed or made searchable directly from your workstation.

Organizations traditionally expend massive resources in telemarketing campaigns accompanied by exhaustive manual playback sessions in order to uncover business intelligence. By using WordScan data mining capabilities in conjunction with Cacti’s combined digital recording technology, businesses can immediately begin analyzing 100% of their calls.

WordScan analytical tools can be utilized by any PC in the enterprise to conduct analysis into agent/customer interactions. Using WordScan’s unique data analytic capabilities, executives in marketing, sales, and engineering can uncover critical customer attitudes, needs, and requirements. WordScan enables businesses to conduct ad hoc analysis to discover what customers really want. For trending purposes, call center supervisors can typically only listen to a small sample of recorded calls. By automating the process, WordScan frees the user from the costly task of having to manually listen to recorded calls.

ScreenLog Highlights Include

  • Speech Analytics of word(s) and/or phrases
  • Provides intelligence and insight into every call
  • Perform intuitive historical or real-time scanning of recordings
  • Search recordings based on defined tags
  • Automatic tagging of recordings
  • Custom configuration for your environment
  • Supports VoIP, Analog, Digital, T1 and E1 Interfaces
  • Non-Proprietary and Open Architecture Solution
  • Resides on Windows 2003 Server platform
  • Supports all major PBX/ACDs
  • Cost Effective, easy to Install and Maintain