ObserveCTI™ Selective/Intelligent Recording

ObserveCTI™ automates the management process by providing your business a quality assurance tool, which provides business-driven, selective/intelligent voice and data recordings without the need for a proprietary voice logger. All recordings are categorized and stored for later playback directly from your PC, remote location, web or any touchtone telephone. Supervisors have access to multiple sites from their PC and can control auditing from a single location within the enterprise.

ObserveCTI™ also provides your contact center supervisors the ability to perform audits on agents using a fully integrated auditing tool. Agents are audited and scored based on your specific criteria defined by your business. With a click of a mouse, the supervisor can listen and audit the recorded calls and screens, simultaneously. At the end of the session the supervisor can make comments, save or forward the audit to the agent or management for review. The supervisor even has the ability to chat with the agent and send valuable training material to the agent. The supervisor can be alerted to pre-defined events as they happen. All supervisors have access to performance reports to analyze and evaluate performance of the individual agents, groups or auditors. With Cacti’s ObserveCTI™, improving the quality of interactions with your customers and your agents has never been simpler

ObserveCTI™ Highlights Include

  • Intelligent Selective multimedia recording.
  • Includes online QA and analytical performance reporting
  • All-in-one server solution
  • Supports VoIP, Analog, Digital, T1, and E1 Interfaces
  • Resides on Windows NT/2000/2003 Server platform
  • Supports all major all major PBX/ACDs
  • Integrated e-Learning solution
  • Easily add additional options
  • Web enabled with enhanced replay
  • Easily add additional options
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Identification of training needs
  • Easy migration to continuous recording platform
  • Identification of agent strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to generate fair and concise reports
  • Increased agent morale and reduce staff turnover
  • LAN/WAN based Client/Server technology
  • Support for Oracle, SQL or any ODBC compliant database
  • Support for rules based recording and auditing
  • Cost effective, easy to install and maintain business tool