SurveyMaster™ Automated Survey

SurveyMaster is a user-friendly and comprehensive call survey tool that engages your customers in a completely customized automated survey. SurveyMaster is a completely interactive survey tool that allows customers to provide feedback via any touchtone telephone or by voice response to questions that you determine as key indicators for customer satisfaction, compliance, employee campaigns, special campaigns or quality assurance.

Using the functionality of your ACD/PBX, your customers can be prompted to participate in surveys in advance. Customers can be automatically routed at the completion of the call between the agent and customer, or agents can simply route calls directly to SurveyMaster. By integrating the SurveyMaster with ObserveCTI or FocusRecord, you build a total quality assurance environment and have access to reporting information from a single interface.

SurveyMaster™ Highlights Include

  • Automated survey solution
  • All-in-one server solution
  • Includes Survey performance reports
  • Includes auto alerting based on definable criteria
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Ability to measure success of programs/campaigns
  • Ability to conduct quick internal surveys
  • Reduction of on-going survey cost
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • 24 hour survey accessibility
  • LAN/WAN based Client/Server technology
  • Support for Oracle, SQL or any ODBC compliant database
  • Seamless integration with Cacti core solutions