Corporate Profile

Cacti's Innovation

Cacti was founded in 1996 based on the solid principals of innovation in software development for the Call Center marketplace. Cacti's approach has always been customer driven, creating feature-rich software that meets each customers needs. By using the latest technology, Cacti has developed solutions that allow you to get the most out of your Recording solution. Traditionally, Call Center recording involves integration with expensive CTI platforms. Cacti's solutions are developed in a way that does not require CTI, greatly reducing the cost of Call Center recording deployment.

Cacti's Approach to Contact Center Recording

Understanding your customer’s needs is important in today’s marketplace. Cacti offers several products to achieve outstanding results for your business. With our intuitive and easy to use interface, you can gain valuable insight on your business from the customers prospective. Once the information is captured, you can review this information and generate valuable reports on the overall effectiveness of your business. With Cacti, improving the quality of your customer interactions, your staff, and overall business productivity has never been easier.